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East Bay Integrative Hypnotherapy
John Thatcher Ph.D. CCHT
Oakland / Lafayette, CA




There is in each of us an innate drive to realize our fullest potential and to express ourselves in an authentic and empowered way. But so often this potential goes unfulfilled because we find ourselves trapped by patterns of behavior, reactivity, and thought that no longer serve us but which we feel unable to change.

What we want is a deeper and more open perspective about ourselves that will allow us to integrate the various aspects of our self, to envision and create new possibilities in our lives, and to enjoy a wider ranger of choices as to how we view ourselves and interact with others and the world.  We want to be in touch with our own deeper wisdom and strength so that we can put into expression our unique potential.

My integrative hypnotherapy practice utilizes hypnotherapy combined with aspects of Psychosynthesis and of sound therapy using crystal singing bowls.  These are modalities that can help you to:

§        Step outside your usual experience

§        Let go of old beliefs about yourself and the world

§        Release old behavior patterns

§        Establish and nurture new beliefs

§        Discover and access your own inner resources

§        Achieve an expanded and empowered sense of self


Some of the many areas which integrative hypnotherapy can address are:

-Fears & anxiety


-Inner conflict


-Medical issues

-Low self-esteem

-Inner child issues

-Habit control


-Skill Rehearsal

-Past life regression

-Inner guidance


-Future goals

-Stress management

-Spiritual direction

-Inner critic attacks

-Stop smoking


Private Sessions & Fees – Oakland/Lafayette, CA

I provide a safe and supportive atmosphere based on listening, understanding and respect in which we can address personal issues, limitations, self-discovery, and new possibilities.  I honor the unique life journey that each of us is on, and I believe that the potential for authentic self-expression is within each of us.  

Cost:  $100/hour

A reduced fee is possible with advance purchase of four or more sessions.



There is no magic in hypnosis.  It is simply a state of focused attention in which the mind is completely absorbed with that on which it is focused.  Attentional absorption happens in our everyday lives, such as when we become completely absorbed in a movie or a TV program or perhaps when we read a good book. Likewise, our beliefs and the running commentary inside our head keeps us absorbed in a series of trance-like states about who we are and about the world in which we live.  Hypnotherapy utilizes this natural ability of ours, but in a more conscious fashion to utilize our full powers of concentration to focus our attention inwardly, allowing us to discover hidden resources, strengths, and latent abilities within our unconscious mind.


All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis, and so hypnosis is not a sleep state nor are you as the client passive.  Although the body appears to be relaxed and inactive, your mind is focused and alert as it attends to what the hypnotherapist is saying or suggesting. The hypnotherapist’s role is to guide and assist, and your mind can therefore make decisions whether to participate or not in what is being suggested. Hypnosis cannot make you do anything that is against your moral and ethical codes.  The power does not reside in the hypnotherapist; the power resides in you.


Hypnotherapy enables us to step outside our usual experience of ourselves, to get in touch with our personal resources, and to facilitate cognitive, perceptual, physical, and behavioral changes.  It allows us to step out of our everyday trances of self and get in touch with the free-flowing inner wisdom of the heart.  This in turn helps us to expand our awareness of choice and thus to create new possibilities in navigating and enhancing our everyday life.


Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal psychology that is focused on personal growth and self-actualization. Central to this psychology is its focus on the drive for personal healing and integration that is found in each of us, but which is unrecognized or unused in most of us. Psychosynthesis strives to work through whatever obstacles are in the way, to identify our inner resources, and to facilitate the expression of our true selves.  As human beings, each of us is composed of a multiplicity of aspects or parts which operate outside of our conscious awareness until they get triggered by various life situations.  We thus can become different people in different circumstances.  These various parts can unconsciously drive our behavior and cause conflict within. Psychosynthesis can help bring these parts into our conscious awareness, allowing us to dis-identify from them so that we are no longer controlled by them and can thus live with an enhanced sense of responsibility and selfhood.  It is a perspective that honors all parts of our being and aims to help a person to achieve synthesis, a coming together, of the various parts of the personality so that we can function in a way that is more life-affirming and authentic. The goal is to eliminate conflicts and obstacles, whether conscious or unconscious, that block self-development.


Another aspect of this psychology is its consideration of the spiritual dimension of a person, i.e. our experience beyond the individual self, including experiences of spiritual insight and higher states of consciousness. Life is seen as having purpose and meaning, and we can discover this by contacting and responding to our deepest callings and directions in life, and by addressing whatever impediments are in the way.  By connecting to our own inner wisdom, we can lead lives that are more empowered and more authentic.

Sound Therapy

Sound is an ancient and universal form of healing used in many cultures and spiritual traditions around the world. Healing sound touches and transforms us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 


I use quartz crystal singing bowls to produce harmonics which help to quiet the mind and bring about a state that is conducive to hypnotherapy.  Quartz  crystal produces one of the purest sound waves possible, and these pure vibrations resonate with the various crystalline structures in the human body. The sound waves massage the body at the molecular level and slow down mind activity.  I use one or two bowls in conjunction with hypnotherapy in order to facilitate a state of deep relaxation which is conducive to healing.  The bowl vibrations can also help you get in touch with the deepest parts of your self where you can access inner resources and new perspectives.


I also have a separate private practice in sound therapy in Oakland.  To find out more about the benefits of crystal singing bowl therapy and my private practice in sound therapy, please visit soundhealingtherapy.net


East Bay Integrative Hypnotherapy
John Thatcher Ph.D. CCHT
Oakland / Lafayette, CA



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